Current Student Opportunities

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Master's Graduate Student Positions

We are currently recruiting to fill two master’s level (MSc or MES) positions at the University of Saskatchewan starting May 2022. Both positions are part of a larger project focused on informing the planning and development of Indigenous-owned community-scale bioenergy and biofuel facilities. 


The project will focus on spatial modeling and mapping. You will work with forest resource inventory data, in combination with other qualitative and quantitative information, to understand the spatial distribution of harvestable resources, facility siting options, and biomass supply-cost curves. You will develop maps and other products to inform community members, stakeholders, and decision-makers. The project will require, and enhance, skills at the intersection of GIS and resource management. 


The project will focus on applied economic geography or forestry management/engineering to tackle such problems as landscape-scale modeling of resource supply from various silvicultural practices across different fiber market frameworks and/or detailed transportation modeling to refine estimates of biomass supply-cost curves. The project will enhance skills at the intersection of economic geography forestry management/ engineering. Experience with GIS is an asset. 

Please see the poster below for more information. 


You may be inerested in the new Master of Sustainable Environmental Management in Energy Security program with the School of Environment and Sustainability. Click the brochure to learn more.