U of S' Renewable Energy Flagship Program to work with WWF and FNPA to Analyze Local-level Feedback of Renewables for Nature Webtool within Indigenous Communities

Community energy leaders, government officials and industry partners know that community buy-in is one of the most aspects for implementing renewable energy projects in Canada.

An Indigenous Masters' student from Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation in northern Saskatchewan will work in collaboration with WWF, SPC and FNPA to analyze Renewables for Nature webtool at the community level. 

This collaboration will build an in-depth analysis of how web-tools can aid in the success of projects at the pre-feasibility stage. Siting proposed renewable energy projects is one of the earliest tasks in project development and incorporating the interests of community members at this stage is a win-win for developers, municipalities and community leaders.

See the original Oct.6, 2018 story from CBC here.